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Innovative services for elderly

MyjordHOME allows home care for elderly in Switzerland

  • The everyday serenity

    • Easy link with their loved ones, caregivers and health professionals

    • Maximizing their level of autonomy

    • 24-hour medical assistance: medical advice, medication recall

  • Their comfort at home

    • At home and remote control of appliances

    • Remote supervision and presence simulation

    • Energy efficiency management of their home

  • Leisure and services

    • Access to entertainment and culture

    • Management of their daily activities

    • On-demand services from associations or providers


Our services

Exclusive partner of the              robot-companion for Switzerland, 

                 adapts its fantastic abilities to the specific needs

of our elderly people, canton by canton.

Our services are split into 3 families:






Logo MyjordHome fond blanc.png

Our values

Through our daily actions, we are committed to...

  • Contribute to improving social well-being

  • Recreate social bonds between generations

  • Ease the work of caregivers

Logo MyjordHome fond blanc.png

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